Traveling To Dalat On Tet Holiday

January 5, 2020

Tet is one of important occasion of Vietnamese when they have a longest vacation from work and school. So, they prefer to travel a lot this time. Among favorite tourist cities in Vietnam, Dalat attracts people for its beauty and fresh air, especially this is the most beautiful season of wild himalayan cherry flower. Arriving to Dalat on Tet, you should know something mentioned below so that you have a good preparation and will not be freak out “I didn’t know that”

Wild himalayan cherry flower is full blooming on Tet season

First is accommodation. Despite of a huge number of hotels and hostel, many tourists have nowhere to stay because they don’t have reservation in advance. If you don’t want to be “homeless”, you are supposed to book a place 2 weeks before, at least. You also need to call the hotel to confirm one more time to be sure because some hotels arbitrarily cancel your booking and give it for those who pay more. In addition, the fact that prices are 3 times more expensive is normal. The highest time is from 28th of January to 2nd of February.

Second is transportation. As referred, people travel a lot this time, so you have to prepare bus/flight/ train very early to Dalat and next destination. As same as accommodation, transportation is very expensive, especially if you travel in trend.

Next is food. Most restaurants close 1 or 2 days in New Year, but the area around Dalat Night Market always open because this is a good chance for them to earn money from tourists. Price is high and quality is ok or less.

BesBesides, Tet is the highest season in Dalat, so you will see tourists everywhere. Traffic jam happens in downtown area because of many vehicles.

Traffic jam at the center roundabout, near Dalat Market

These are some main things you may need to know if you intend to travel to Dalat on Tet. This may occur at many other tourist cities of Vietnam as well. Anyway, we don’t know what happen next. Just enjoy your travel first and after all, you will feel worthy for your visit to Dalat in its most beautiful season.

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