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November 12, 2019
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Maze bar Dalat, also known as the 100 roofs cafe Dalat is surely THE most interesting bar I have ever visited and if you know me at all, you would know I love checking out unique themed bars around the globe. I often blog about secret underground drinking holes and any hidden gems I find, thanks to my love for beer, unique spots, and travel!

The Maze bar in Dalat, Vietnam made my top spots list in Da Lat without a second thought. This place is simply amazing. Basically, as the name suggests the concept is of a maze (yeah, right!).

You can actually get lost in the bar, but don’t worry its easy to find your way out – some times hehe. Else you can simply grab a beer and chill in one of the unique sitting spots or hidden coves anywhere inside this incredible maze.

See why I love the maze bar? Still not convinced, read on….

maze bar dalat

Well decorated, dark and interesting interiors of the Maze bar

What to Expect when you visit the Maze Bar Dalat?

For a cafe with the most unusual design, 100 roofs cafe and bar is situated in a very peculiar place. Barely a few hundred meters away from the main market, hidden between a row of small shops, the regulars to this cafe head to the rooftop to appreciate the sweeping views of the city. It is called 100 roofs for a reason – You simply need to see the rooftop to believe it.

This popular bar is located at 57, Phan Boi Chau, very near the market center of Da Lat. The principal theme of 100 roofs reminds the guests of the Crazy House, the other attraction of Dalat, since they share the same unique architectural style and quirky decor.

You can see why I fell in love with Da Lat and the Maze bar at first sight.

maze bar dalat

Expect the unexpected at the Maze Bar

Why Visit the Maze bar?

Well for one, the Maze bar is incredibly popular among ex-pats and tourists so the crowd is great at any time of the day/ night. You can read the bars glowing 5-star reviews here.

The 100 roof cafe is the perfect destination for a visitor in Da Lat. The locals, often refer to the café as the ‘ Way to the Moon’ and are considered to be a masterpiece of architecture.

The high point of the café is the bizarre and beautiful setting. This crazy house style bar is a hit with everyone and I am yet to meet a person who didn’t like it – Yes, its THAT good.

Artistic decor at the Maze bar100 roofs cafe dalat

Finding your Way in the mazes of this crazy bar Dalat is a fun activity and even after doing it a few times, I was getting lost each and every time. Discovering new nooks and corners with the unusual decor was very exciting.

If you go down to the basement, you can actually see an underwater theme – pretty cool, eh?

Cool Octopus in the basement.

Look for this Cool Octopus in the basement.

The 100 roof café is actually a hidden gem. A visit here is totally different from any other bar simply because one will not know what to expect. For example, a customer, can take a drink and wander around aimlessly, anywhere in the 6 storeyed building for hours. Even the way to the secret garden is in complete darkness, and if at times you think that you have lost your way, you are absolutely right.

Secret staircases can lead you to a dead-end or to the floor above (if you are lucky) and with some hit and trial, I think I saw the entire bar in 2 hours.

Tip – You must buy a drink to enter and yes, drinks are not cheap compared to Vietnam standards but I would say, they offer free entry so this is the least you can do to support this masterpiece.

the maze bar dalat vietnam

My friend Romina enjoying her drink at one of the outdoor seating areas

How to reach the Maze bar aka 100 roofs cafe in Dalat?

100 roofs café can be accessed easily from the local train station, southwest from Quang Trung Street, towards Nguyen Trai Street. Take the second right from the roundabout to Le Thi Hong Gam Street to Phan Boi Chau to reach your place.

We took an Uber and tried to explain we wanted to go to Maze bar but remember locals and cab drivers,  know it better as the 100 roofs cafe. So tell them both and if they still can’t figure it out, just give the address – 57, Phan Boi Chau.

The bottom line is, that if you intend to visit Da Lat, visit the Maze bar for sure. I know if I ever re-visit, I would love to go back and explore more of the rooftop and the mazes.

Copy from: Wander With Jo

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