How to spend 2 days in Dalat

Many tourists come to Dalat and fall in love with this gorgeous city. However, they don’t often plan what to do before because they have no idea how big and interesting the city is. Is it worthy to stay here so long? The answer is “absolutely yes, it is worthy to stay here 3 days at least”.

First, this city is attractive for its cool climate against the typical tropical climate in other cities of Vietnam. Most of travelers are from European countries, so they are not well adapting to the heat of Vietnam, especially humid air in summer time. That is why they feel so comfortable with the fresh air and peace of Dalat that they wish to stay here as long as possible. Moreover, as locating on mountain, Dalat is covered by green forest and natural lakes. This is an advantage to open many tourist spots and run many kinds of adventure tours.

Dalat is coved by green plants and beautiful natural lakes

For the first day arriving to Dalat, I am pretty sure that you may be tired with your buses (this type of transportation is fairly popular in Vietnam for cheapest price), especially buses from Hoi An or Saigon. My advice is taking a rest and walking around the center to enjoy beautiful Xuan Huong Lake and Dalat coffee shops. You also walk or catch a taxi to Crazy House (a house of art with unique “weird” design) because this place is not far from the center.

Crazy House, Dalat

The second day is for tours. The most highly recommended is canyoning. It is more expensive but worthier to try than other tours. Others are rafting hiking, biking and kayaking. Special thing is you can trek to Lang Biang Mountain by yourself without tour. Call a cab to the destination, pay 20,000 VND for entrance fee and start your trekking.

Canyoning in Datanla Waterfall

Besides, in order to explore the countryside, you can hire Easy Rider Motorbike team and pick one of their tour options. They will carry you to the places and you just sit behind and enjoy your trip with hands free. These local tour guides speak English very well and have sense of humor. I suggest you should fully charge your smart phones or camera so that you can take photos or make video about Dalat beautiful sightseeing. It will be certainly one of the most memorable pages in your traveling book.

Easy Rider Tour Guide

Furthermore, if you know riding scooter, you can hire one costing 130~150,000 VND to do your own trip. Dalat has many beautiful wild flower trips, majestic waterfall, wonderful lakes and valleys, sacred temples and church, etc. to explore.

For night time, you can visit Dalat Night Market to go shopping and enjoy street foods. Then, go to Maze bar which is popularly preferred by foreigners than locals. This bar will close at midnight (this time is common closing time in Dalat because people go to bed early and this city itself is not a party animalJ). You also spend your night time with some new movies with the equipped cinema in the supermarket Big C.

Dalat Night Market

In Dalat, you should not be so hurry. The lifestyle of this city is slow and people come here to escape from their stressful life. You may feel like a hibernate bear because cool climate is good for sleep. So the third day is relaxing, enjoying the sunshine or continuing your unfinished exploration. Dalat center is small but its whole land is very large. If you want to hang out as locals, buy some food and beers, and end up your picnic day at a good location around Xuan Huong lake, Tuyen Lam lake or Dankia lake. Furthermore, in a nice weather, you can go camping on the Lang Biang peak over night. Remember to clean up the trash before leaving.

Picnic at Tuyen Lam Lake

This is a typical plan for tourists, enough time to explore some basic things of Dalat. Of course, you may have your own plan due to your time of visa and how much you enjoy this lovely city. Anyway, Dalat gives you a chance to totally relax after a long trip in busy cities. So, hope you have a good stay here 🙂

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