Dalat Night Market

November 11, 2019
What To See, Where To Eat

Night markets are a popular shopping opportunity all over Asia, and that of Vietnam’s picturesque Dalat is no exception. Shop for delicious food, warm clothes and souvenirs at the city center.

When the Central Market Closes at Dusk,

the proprietors of the many night market stalls open their venues and start to promote their wares. The selection ranges from warm clothing, suitable for Dalat’s chilled temperature, to delicious fried rice paper. Promoters advertise their wares, using speakers or their own voice.

Background sounds like “Muoi, muoi, muoi!” or “Muoi lam, muoi lam!!” follows you all over the place.


If you are too late for the food vendors of the Central Market, try to get some at the night market instead. They offer the same things:

Fresh produce

Herbal infusions

Jams and dried fruit

What’s even more interesting, are the street food stalls, some on the big staircase that leads down the steep slope. Vendors try to get your attention to buy fried rice paper, roasted chestnuts, sweet soup, mouthwatering soups and grilled corn cobs.

Street Performance Area

Dalat night market also features an area dedicated to street performance. Youth groups practice and perform their hobbies here, such as hip-hop dancing, roller skating and other sporty pastimes. They are quite good, fun to watch and generally worth your time.

During traditional holidays you can marvel at traditional art performances as well.


Like all the other Asian night markets, at Dalat’s night market you can expect a huge selection of fashionable shoes, hats, shirts and all the other items of clothing you are longing for. Contrary to other locations in Vietnam however, the Dalat night market has an extensive selection of woolen caps, gloves and scarves on display. The climate in the Highlands is much colder than in Ho Chi Minh City after all.

2nd Hand Fashion

A top tip for travelers who have trouble finding cheap trousers and jackets in their own size in Vietnam, are the many second hand clothing stalls on the night market. Basically it’s the stuff you put in those donation boxes for used clothing, you find in Europe and North America.

So, if you regret donating that special jacket to the Red Cross last June, you might rediscover it here and purchase it again.

Surprised? You didn’t really think that anybody would just give your old stuff to the poor for free, or did you?


It’s a night market, so finding high-quality handicrafts and souvenirs might be a challenge. But if you walk the area with open eyes, you may find the best keepsakes to present to your family and friends.

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